Studies on Mechanics

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Research and innovation

Research and innovation are at the origin of the Biron Company creation that puts mechanics expertise to  innovation. This activity is upstream to the original design of the oil bath hub and airless wheel in the bike with patents. This experience opens up opportunities in other fields such as organic farming and its changing needs.

Research in Mechanical

Acquired especially during missions in the automotive sector, our expertise in engineering and our knowledge of existing materials allow us to conduct innovative projects.

In order to provide cyclists with new sensations and create a technological breakthrough comparable to that caused by the appearance of the pedal system, we designed a bicycle wheel equipped with an MH30 hub whose rotation is ensured by bath oil bearings, greatly reducing frictions.

Wishing to integrate sustainable development into practice eco-design, we designed a  puncture-proof Serenity wheel, recyclable materials using fiber-based, reducing the amount of materials used, particularly for rubber from the tread and extending the duration of product life.

With this experience, we direct our research towards the field of organic farming and new agricultural equipment needs. With our 3D modeling activity and implementation plan, we are able to design new products and support farmers who wish to practice sustainable agriculture.


Our collaboration with the Total group and especially its research center Solaize allows us to take a course and to be completely convinced by the advanced technology of the oil bath MH30 hub. Indeed, new lubricants developed by Total increased performance MH30 hub, paving the way for a new generation of bicycle wheel.

We’ve partnered with Hutchinson to design the airless wheel called Serenity.