Studies on Mechanics

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Our references

You will find here some of our references in the field of automotive, cycle and organic farming.



  • Study of valves recycling exhaust gases : study and implementation plans valves Recycling exhaust gas motors on several projects, several loops validation project for a large French car manufacturer. For more details on this study…
  • ISO drawings of gasoline injection systems: make drawings of pump and injector gasoline following the ISO standards and drawing methods of  a french carmaker. For more details on this study…

Renault Trucks Defense

  • Steps Sherpa Study : design steps to facilitate access for occupants in vehicles 4×4.
  • Study of reducing manufacturing costs on dashboard Sherpa : in partnership with a prototype sheet metal worker-Shaper, we conducted a study to reduce costs on the manufacturing and assembly of a structure panel.
  • Study of a ramp vehicle Sherpa 5 : in partnership with a prototype sheet metal worker-Shaper, designing a ramp for access to military troops in the back of a truck type vehicle. Retractable ramp controlled from the driver.



  • Studies and production monitoring  of a measurement tool: in partnership with SERA company, an industrial electricity company,  we have designed and install a tooling who measure a displacement of a cart, himself used to ferry aeronautics parts.


Total / Hutchinson

  • Study of a new generation of airless wheel.
  • Design, prototyping and testing of a carbon bicycle wheel with oil bath hub completely new

Organic farming

  • Study of a inter-row mill for the maintenance of an organic corn field.