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The oil bath hub

The engineering Biron designed the hub MH30 whose rotation is carried on bearings in oil bath, greatly reducing friction, paving the way for a new generation of bicycle wheel for competitors and cyclists.

A technological breakthrough

The bicycle wheels currently on the market using all the technology of bearings for the rotation of their hub. To provide for cyclists new sensations, he had a disruptive technology, like that caused by the arrival of the automatic pedal.

The engineering BIRON has therefore addressed the issue and has put all its engineering expertise, gained particularly in the automotive sector, serving a draft bicycle wheel equipped with a hub called MH30, which would ensure its rotation on bearings in oil bath. The result of his studies was the subject of a patent.

In collaboration with Total

To further improve the performance of its hub new generation of society BIRON partnered with Total, a global leader in lubrication. Its research center Solaize has developed lubricants that once integrated into the hub have met expectations in terms of performance, comfort and sensations perceived by competitors. This collaboration has helped fund the project paving the way for a new generation of bicycle wheel.


The curves below show the performance of the MH30 hubs, unassembled wheel compared to a hub premium of a mark that is now standard in the field of bicycle wheel.

Performances du moyeu bain d'huile (explications juste après)

Its use

Le moyeu bain d'huile (présentation juste après)
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The hub oil bath can equip carbon wheel  as Serenity wheel . We offer a range of hubs based on the same technology but with different materials to meet the needs of each practice.

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