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The Serenity wheel

The studies office Biron has designed a wheel without air for city bikes or ride bikes. Serenity wheel combines comfort, safety, reliability and efficiency.

Its features

La roue airless

Serenity Wheel is equipped with:

  • features available soon

Its use

The Serenity wheel can accommodate any type of urban bike or ride bike.

Its advantages

The advantages of Serenity wheel are numerous:

  • Need to check tire inflation before use
  • More likely to puncture, you go quiet
  • Less maintenance
  • Less risk of accident, the tire does not explode
  • Opportunity to choose a level of comfort, stable over time
  • Possibility of choose a color
  • Waste Reduction

Sustainable development

From the outset, the design office Biron wanted to integrate sustainable development into practice eco-design. Thus the use of an Serenity wheel reduces its ecological footprint:

  • Reducing the amount of materials : the tread uses less rubber than normal tire.
  • Extending the life of the product : the tread can be retreaded, the composite structure has a life similar to that of bike.

The product you are interested

You want more details, you are considering buying a Serenity wheel, we are at your disposal. Please contact us.